Christopher Garrick

The End of American Empire is Near

Christopher Garrick
The End of American Empire is Near

By Christopher Garrick

It's time for the end of America as an empire and as an idea. The nation founded by colonization and the genocide of native peoples and enslavement of African people needs to finally come to an end.

At a time where anti-Black police violence from the state is at an all time high what else is there to do but come to terms with the fact that America is not the best place for anyone who is not a white able bodied cis male.

It's about time to bring to an end the facade that America is great or ever was great. This is the same country that made it legal to own other people as property. The same country where justice for a murdered 13 year old boy is an impossibility. What does justice for Emmett Till look like at this point in time?

To me a start would be the destruction of the white supremacist, heteronormative patriarchal anti Black world that his murderer is bred from.

From the police force to the justice system to the White House the state must be overturned because we cannot build the Black community and have it flourish in the anti-Black nation we exist in that sits atop the graves of indigenous peoples whose names we never learned.

How many deaths have to happen before we all get mad enough? Does it have to be your sibling, your parent, your cousin, your friend for you to have had enough? It's time to pick up arms and start fighting the normalization of anti-black, patriarchal, white supremacist, cis normative violence.

We need to work on community building so that the people we are out there in the streets with aren't just other angry activists, but family. We need to love each other past what white supremacist nations have taught us to hate and from there we'll be unstoppable.

Instead of being divisive or not speaking up for murdered Black folk because they were gay, trans, a woman, or gender non-conforming how about you speak up just because they were Black too and deserved the right to life.

Turn your hatred towards white supremacist patriarchal capitalistic queerphobic nation states that tear our communities apart and have us living in poverty while they're murdering our children and stealing our resources and labor.

The end of America is near and it starts when we condemn the flag and everything it stands for and start taking up arms and mobilizing our communities so when the state comes into our hoods to murder our own we can fight the fuck back. We need to burn the being that is America, that is colonialism, that is anti-Blackness, that is whiteness, that is violence to the ground in order to be free. Fuck a reform. Fuck a bill passed in white congress. Any law passed in a country founded in white supremacist ideals will only bring violence onto black bodies and will lead us to the same conclusion: the state needs to be destroyed and America needs to die.