Dubian Ade

The Pathetic Hillary Clinton Bandwagon

Dubian Ade
The Pathetic Hillary Clinton Bandwagon

By Dubian Ade

Before I begin, here is an illustration of what I actually think of Donald Trump:

Now that we got that out of the way, lets talk about Hillary and the pathetic reactionary robots who support her.

Do you remember you were the same people who were all starry-eyed for Bernie Sanders? On social media everyone was "feelin the Bern" and sharing photographs of that bird or whatever. Back then you were suspect number one. Sanders was basic af and all about white working class settler colonialism and white supremacy.

But you all were feeling the Bern. At the Democratic debates Hillary was like the kid nobody liked in school. People were pulling for Sanders so hard. He was the pinnacle of liberal values.

And now you all are what? Feeling the depression with Hillary? Y'all are supporting Hillary even after Wikileaks released evidence pointing to a rigged DNC process that favored her over Sanders. With the rise of Trump fascism everyone has now jumped on Hillary Clinton's imperialist, carceral feminist bandwagon. The entire campaign has resorted to fear-mongering. Clinton supporters have literately turned any descent against her into a vote for Trump.

This is despite the fact that while Clinton is accusing Trump of racism on the campaign trail, her foreign policy remains the epitome of white supremacy. In countries where Black and Brown people live Hillary has destroyed lives.

Hillary Clinton is responsible for the 2009 coup in Honduras that removed a democratically elected Manuel Zelaya. Zelaya was ousted because he threatened United States imperial and corporate interests in Honduras. U.S trained Honduran military forces have been assassinating Indigenous activist who dare to challenge U.S. corporations and the mining activities that are endangering the environment. Most notably the U.S. backed assassination of Indigenous activist Berta Caceres can be directly attributed to Hillary. Since the 2009 coup, human rights violations in Honduras have soared.

Hillary has also expressed open support for Israel in its systematic annihilation of Palestinians and has repeatedly said "Israel has a right to defend its self". Hillary actions in Syria are a direct result of her investments in Israel. Using the Syrian civil war as a means to plot against Iran (a long time enemy of Israel), Clinton was directly involved in planing an armed overthrow of Bashar al-Assad, the current president of Syria. Clinton foreign policy in Syria has been to arm anti-Assad Syrians, only furthering the civil war conflict. She has even stood between UN peace negotiations and cease fires, demanding first the removal of Assad. More than 10 million Syrians have been displaced and at least 200,000 people have died.

Did we forget that as early as 2014 Hillary Clinton was all over the country saying "all lives matter"? During the Bill Clinton administration in the 90s, her and her husband were responsible for the War on Drugs policies that led to the murder and incarceration of thousands of Black and Brown people in the United States. According to an article by Donna Murch, state and federal prison numbers increased under Bill Clinton more than any other presidency. Hillary is known to be in the pockets of the prison lobbyist. Her legacy is directly responsible for the current shape of U.S. policing and mass incarceration. She has a track-record of anti-Blackness. Black people: why do you support her?

Hillary had said she was against the ICE raids, yet her entire campaign has hinged on continuing the "legacy" of the Obama administration. She said "families fleeing violence in Central America should be given a full opportunity to seek relief". Of course, she is directly responsible for that violence. Many of the people ICE targeted were Honduran.

Hillary is barely a feminist at all. Her White Supremacist imperial policies destroy the lives of countless women and femmes. She has repeatedly shafted impoverished mothers of color with her welfare reforms. She is even reported to have paid women staffers of the Clinton Foundation 72 cents to every dollar male employees earned.

But even the slightest critique is a threat to the moral investment in Clinton. People will say: "but would you rather have Trump win? Hillary is the lesser of two evils." The lesser of two evils? The last time I checked settler colonialism was settler colonialism regardless of who occupies the White House. There are Native protesters being attacked by police, National Guardsmen, and private security firms right now at Standing Rock as this bogus election commences. Clinton has refused to take a stand on the pipeline. Hillary Clinton is the violence of empire and the people who support her are accessories.