The Settler Colonial Election of Donald Trump: A Musical 

The Settler Colonial Election of Donald Trump: A Musical 

By The Decolonizer

The circus that was the 2016 presidential election has finally ended. The white supremacist ruling class gave the Amerikkkan people two choices: an imperialist war monger or a thundering pile of human feces. With the smoke cleared, Amerikka has shown its true face-- and it is orange.

White liberal mouths were agape. Hillary voters wept. Green-party voters wet their pants. Bernie Sanders write-ins mumbled "Bernie can still win this".

And everywhere people rushed to google search what the fuck an Electoral College is. Many of you pathetic white liberals opted to crawl over to Canada, so much so that the damn Canadian immigration website crashed. 

Welcome to the nightmare that has been people of color's reality in this country for hundreds of years. Amerikkka is a racist piece of shit. Amerikkka has always been a racist piece of shit. Amerikkka will always be a racist piece of shit.

Yes, in this settler colonial charade, where elections are held every four years to mask the fact that the United States is an illegitimate country occupying stolen indigenous lands, where democracy is an oligarchy of ruling class elites who invest in systems such as the Electoral College, YOU have to come to terms with the fact that Donald Trump is the most Amerikkkan president there ever was. THIS is real shit. THIS is U.S. decline. Get your fucking head out your ass, get your shit together, get your politics together, no more liberal fantasies. YOU have to decide to put an end to Amerikkkan empire once and for all.

Act One: The Campaign

The Donald was looking more and more shitty with every day that moved us closer to November 8th. His campaign reflected the worst of white supremacist patriarchy. He openly encouraged white supremacist violence at his rallies. He managed to consistently embarrass himself at all three presidential debates, one in which he referred to undocumented immigrants as "hombres". He was recorded bragging about sexually assaulting women in October, then had 24 women come forward to testify that they were sexually assaulted by him.  He was due in court in December for raping a 13 year old girl.

Trump when asked about what he would do for Black America, mentioned that he would make New York City stop and frisk policies national. In early November the Ku Klux Klan was reported to have issued an endorsement of Donald Trump in the white nationalist newspaper The Crusader. Trump called for massive deportations of Latinx people and has called for banning Muslims, and Syrian refugees. His proposed wall along the Mexican boarder (which he has yet to abandon even though construction is estimated to be at least 25 billion dollars and more than unrealistic) has been his most popular policy.

In other words, the campaign was going swell.             

Act Two: Trump's Supporters

Trumps rise to power would come from the poor and working-class white populations with whom his racism and xenophobia spoke directly to. Poor whites, who were promised all of the rewards afforded to them by their whiteness, yet are exploited and abandoned by neo-liberal capitalism, find white nationalist ideologies appealing when they are in direct competition with poor people of color for jobs and resources. The long ingrained white supremacy and racial entitlement that comes from centuries of colonialism, slavery, Jim Crow, xenophobia and Islamophobia in the United States, have been bruised by neo-liberal agendas that merely codify the violence of its own white supremacy in politically correct rhetoric. All the while shaming poor and working class whites who are uneducated and less covert about their white supremacy.


These people feel cheated. The U.S. settler colonial state promised them power, land, and riches based on their whiteness. Yet, the capitalist machine needs low wage workers and poor farmers in order to sustain itself. Global capitalism requires the outsourcing of jobs to China and India and the hiring of migrant workers who are paid even less and still out-preform their white counterparts.

The economic crisis of global capitalism has been a godsend for neo-Nazi and white nationalist groups, who have capitalized on the discontentment and general dis-empowerment of poor and working class white people. They have been organizing white people for years through shitty news engines like Steve Bannon's Breit-fart News. These groups have been able to amass a considerable following of angry white people who scapegoat Black and Brown people for their problems under white supremacist settler colonialism.

How ironic that under conditions caused by global capitalism, the white lower class has turned to a billionaire elitist who never gave a shit about poor people. Trump supporters are in for a treat when Trump's administration, made up of corporate scum such as Steven Mnuchin and Andrew Puzder, finally enters the White House. The cabinet is stacked with big-time CEOs who have nothing but apathy for the plight of poor and working class whites and will likely destroy whatever is left of the working class.           

Act Three: The Electoral College

When the Founding Colonizers drafted the United Snakes Constitution in 1787, they had decided that a direct democracy led by popular vote was far too democratic and put too much power in the hands of the people. The Founding Colonizers, who were rich white men and land owners, had a vested interest in protecting their colonial investments from "the tyranny of the majority" and thus had a vested interest in the election process. They decided on a system called The Electoral College, which would leave the election of the president in the hands of a group of "electors" who are hand-picked by their respective political parties, elected by voters on election day, and supposedly act in the interests of those voters as representatives who directly vote for the president.

The Founding Colonizers justified the system by arguing that the Electoral College helped to balance the unfair advantage that the highly populated cities had over the less populated areas in the colonies. In actuality many of the southern (and northern) drafters of the constitution feared that a popular vote would leave the southern slave owners at the mercy of the northern states. At the center of their worries was the hot-button issue of slavery, which was becoming more controversial in the northern states. A popular vote would give the abolitionist an opportunity to determine the fate of the slavocracy. As a corrective, the so-called Three-Fifths Clause established slaves as "three-fifths" of a human to increase the number of white Southern electoral votes. This gave more say to smaller slave states and swing states. The Electoral College was built first and foremost to protect the slave-holding elites and the institution of slavery.   

From the very beginning the Electoral College was an apparatus used by the white supremacist ruling class structure to leverage their colonial power over the masses and ensure the protection of their settler property under the illusion of democracy. A great number of the original framers of the Constitution had slaves and were invested in the slaveocacy. All of them were land owners. All of them were men. All of them had a lot to lose in a direct democracy, which seriously threated their interests should they be unable to control who becomes the next president. The Founding Colonizers (who are the origins of the U.S. ruling class) essentially built the Electoral College in order to control U.S. elections. 

Today the Electoral College still serves the purpose it has served for over 300 years. Because of the two-party system, the Democrats and Republicans nominate their slate of electors, who then vote for the party's presidential nominee. These electors are almost always current or former elected officials who are obliged to vote for their party's nominee, not the popular vote. There are some states who require their electors to vote on the side of the popular vote under certain stipulations, but for the most part an elector is going to vote for their party affiliation. It is important to note that third party candidates receive no electors and will never succeed in getting a third party candidate to be president, even if they win the popular vote because they would have no electors to vote in the Electoral College.

The Electoral College is dominated by Democrats and Republicans, meaning it is also dominated by corporate interests and investments. Party nominations all the way down to the appointment of electors is infiltrated by the ruling class, who funnel money and hold power and influence in party activities. It is already obvious that the ruling class benefits from a Trump presidency. All of Trumps cabinet picks have been millionaires and billionaires, many the CEOs of companies such as Exxon Mobil and Goldman Sachs.

Electors finally put the nail in Americkkka's coffin this December 19th, when they happily voted for Trump with little decent from the so called "faithless electors". All of the dreams Hillary voters had of a Democrat victory have been flushed down the electoral toilet. The weak ass arguments made by many that the Electoral College was actually going to save this election from Trump have now grown into a sorry joke.         

Act Four: Russia Did It!

How pathetic is the United States? So pathetic that instead of taking responsibility for electing the biggest piece of shit to ever fall out of an asshole, Amerikkka blames what is responsible for all Amerikkkan problems: Russia.

You first began hearing of Russian interference in the election when the DNC blamed Russia for the DNC emails leaked to Wikileaks. Those emails pointed to corruption in the DNC nomination of Hillary Clinton (surprise, surprise). Then you might have heard that in some swing states like Ohio, there was reported tampering of voting systems. Charging Russian interference, those states upped their cyber security in response.

Now news media reports claim that a CIA assessment has confirmed Russia helped Donald Trump win the election. The assessment, which is supposedly the accumulation of findings from 17 U.S. intelligence agencies, has not been disclosed to the public and CIA officials have never commented on the assessment. Instead unnamed sources had provided the tip to The New York Times and Washington Post.

The CIA and FBI continue to disagree on conclusions that Russian played an active role in Trumps victory. Obama appeared on the Daily Show to announce Russia's influence in the election. Yet Congress has repeatedly asked the Obama administration to declassify intelligence briefings on Russian interference in the election. Obama has yet to do so. There is simply no concrete evidence at this point that can prove with "high confidence" that Russia helped Trump win the election.

But of course sensationalist Cold War rhetoric has reemerged with news media even reverting back to referring to Russia as "The Kremlin" (Really? The Kremlin?). As liberals seek refuge from the cognitive dissonance of their settler complacently in white supremacy, U.S. nationalism hearkens back to a time when U.S. politics had all the seriousness of a Saturday morning cartoon.

What better way to mend the massive racial and class divides in this country and temper the wide spread discontent then to revitalize the classic us vs. them binary? Then, confuse and distract the people with reports of Russian interference so they can blindly reinvest U.S. nationalism while ignoring the fact of U.S. decline. Anything to avoid taking actual responsibility for the racism, patriarchy, and general white supremacy that is at the core of the election and the United Snakes.                  

Act Five: Count Down To January 20th

There is still time to intervene to radically change the outcome of this election and make history. Anti-Trump protests have been occurring in every major city across the country. WE are the people who give consent to be governed and WE can decide to do away with the settler colonial state that has been ruling undemocratically for hundreds of years.

The election of Trump, though terrible in its consequences, can actually be an effective tool to organize around that has to potential to unify and radicalize the people. That is, provided that the movement does not continue to be co-opted by spineless liberals who are reactionary in their efforts and have no real commitment to decolonization.

There is no greater argument for the abolition of the United States then the fact that Trump has been elected as its president. His platform has appealed to the very soul and essence of what Amerikkka has always been. Trump is the most Amerikkkan president there ever was. And it is about time that the people wake up to this fact and determine the fate of their lives for themselves.

THE DECOLONIZER urges everyone with the will and strength to do so to organize. Take self-defense classes. Get serious about purchasing firearms. Come up with strategies to protect yourself and your family. Sharpen your political analysis of oppression. Organize around what will help you and your community SURVIVE.

And if you are organizing protests, make sure they are anti-state protest rather than just anti-Trump. This is bigger than Trump. This is about the 500 years of colonization and white supremacist patriarchy. The time has come to demand the end of empire once and for all.