Letter From The Editor: To The Third World Peoples Of the World

Letter From The Editor: To The Third World Peoples Of the World


We have inherited the project of our ancestors. This project, which lives in our bones and echoes through our bodies. This project that has been passed down in the muscles fibers and colors our intergenerational trauma. The project we have known intuitively, yet have procrastinated, feared, repressed within ourselves. We have tried reconciliation with our oppressors.We have tried reform. We have even tried to make our respective countries work for us, carving out a home amongst the oppression.

But the project calls out to us and will not be ignored, even when we try with all our power to silence it. This project is mass decolonization and the immediate end of western empire, once and for all. Donald Trump is now president of the United States of America. The Colonial United States of America. The bloody and murderous United States of America. It is not a surprise to us, so much as it is an ugly reminder, and a warning. That fear that you are feeling, the acknowledgement that repercussions will affect all third world peoples across the globe, is resurrecting in you the project, which you have put off for so many years. What we as the third world peoples of the world have put off for so many centuries. You have pushed back at the project, even saying that we have endured worse than Trump. That we can survive what is coming. You hide away from the fact that we deserve better. That the United States and the whole of Europe has owe us for too long,. That if we are to live we can and must take what is our due, by any means necessary.

The project is tapping you on the soldier. And this time there is no choice. This time the project will not take no for an answer. The time has come to finish what our ancestors had started, what they had died for in order for us to be here, alive and strong and prepared to carry out whatever necessary to end the regime of global white supremacist patriarchy. Our ancestors have prepared us for this moment.               

You do not fear what they will do to us if we rise, no matter how much you try to tell yourself that their response will be brutal. They are already brutal in their policing, their military, their economic displacement. They are already brutal in their technologies of repression and control. They already kill us for no reason at all. No, you do not fear what they will do to us, you fear that the project will be successful. You are afraid of what will be required of us. The strength and the responsibility to bring fourth a more complete humanity. You fear stepping into the unknown. Yet you also know that if we do not move on this project now, we may not survive to see another day.

The world has changed, yet it has not changed. The state is both there and not there. There are rulers, yet there are no rulers. Colonialism, yet there is neocolonialism. In this globalized world it can be hard to identify who our enemies actually are. So let us be frank by saying that the The World Bank, the IMF, the Council on Foreign Relations, The Federal Reserve, The FBI, The BIA, The CIA, G4S and it's likenesses, are all the immediate enemies of the people and the project of third world liberation. The time has come to dismantle these institutions. The time has come to organize. For the biggest mistake of our oppressors is that through the consolidation of power they are easily made into targets, hence the illusion of democratic government manufactured to protect them. When the state falls so does the curtain. We greatly outnumber them. We are the commodity, the resource that feeds colonizing imperial beast. We are the ones that are the source of the power. And when we move, so will the structure crumble to the ground.

To achieve this we take cues again from our ancestors, who in years past had the foresight to organize themselves into a third world liberation front. During the great decades of decolonization in the 50s and 60s it became a necessity for Black and Brown peoples in Africa, Asia, and Latin America to band together for the purposes of solidarity. They made mistakes. The nationalism, land disputes, class difference, and patriarchy proved to be too decisive to ward off European globalization. Yet, we have these lessons to learn from. Today our efforts must be organized on a global scale. Though our situations as people of color are diverse, we must come together to fulfill the project, this project of decolonization.                 

All of us have been touched by the conquest of Europe and the United States. All of us have witnessed its violence and have never been the same. So we call on the Zapatistas in Mexico, the students in South Africa, the stone throwers in Palestine, the workers in India, the water protectors in the United States, the Aboriginal Peoples in Australia. We call on Black Lives Matter, Section 22, the independence movement in Puerto Rico. We call on all third world resistance movements. Let us combine our strength on the basis of genuine respect for women, trans, queer, disabled, poor and working class people of color, for our ancestors tell us that we will not be successful without their leadership. Let us build coalitions that have the power to support one other and sustain our movements. Let us mobilize our workers who are the life blood of the global capitalist system. Let us mobilize our purchasing power as consumers in the global capitalist system. Let us bring back the revolutionary technology of guerrilla warfare to defend ourselves against the colonizers and the imperialists. Let us conspire to bring down the state. We, the third world peoples of the world who carry on our backs entire nations, we are the source of the success and the defeat of empire. We know, as our ancestors knew, that decolonization is possible. It there in every story about freedom we have ever told. Decolonization is possible and everyone is aware of it, even our oppressors. It is the reality they fear above all things. This is why they stop at nothing to isolate our movements.

However, when we decide to move forward with the project there is nothing that can be done to stop it. This project, which humanizes us at every turn, cultivates a love of ones self, and a love of freedom. This projects which decolonizes the mind, body, and spirit. They can never destroy this project, which was birthed the moment the colonizer appeared on the shores, and has survived through the violence done to us and our ancestors. This project which will out live us when we are gone. Come comrades, there is not a moment left to waste on anything else. The project of decolonization awaits us.

Until Victory,