A Dedicaton To All Those White Anti-Racist Who Read The Decolonizer But Havent Given Shit

A Dedicaton To All Those White Anti-Racist Who Read The Decolonizer But Havent Given Shit

By The Decolonizer

You all knew this was coming. Its been an exciting time here at THE DECOLONIZER headquarters. New readers, new contributors, a new website, and finally, a chance to give monetarily to THE DECOLONIZER.

We knew you white anti-racist in particular were so eager to give us your monies, that we even sent you an email beforehand:

"Be on the look-out for opportunities to donate to The Decolonizer coming soon. We will especially be looking to white folks who have benefited from the intellectual labor of our contributors to give."

And then when our lovely gofundme page went up we sent another email:
"White people who are part of our readership and have benefited from the content in THE DECOLONIZER are especially asked to give. Your contribution will ensure the continuation of THE DECOLONIZER and support those who help make it possible."

And we waited for the flood of support from you all, "white anti-racist" who love social justice. And some of you kindly did give. Thank you. But as for the rest of you...

Your bum asses still haven't given shit.

There are a great many of you who are apart of our readership. And for a year you have enjoyed uncensored content from THE DECOLONIZER. You have witness the writers of this publication share their stories. And yet, when it is time to give back to those who help make THE DECOLONIZER possible, your bum ass is no where to be found.

This is nothing new. White people have preyed on our stories for centuries, even as we tell the stories of what you have done to us. You have even retold our stories for us, committing the most violent forms of omission, and have made a profit off of its reception. You know, its like Melania Trump always says:

"Life for me aint been no crystal stair."

Malania Trump's shitty Michelle Obama impersonation is only one example of the white consumption of POC voices. Here is another example that might hit closer to home: white anti-racist using Black and Brown stories during presentations, workshops, etc. to legitimize their work, receive accolades, make a profit, and establish themselves as "white anti-racist."

All the while not giving shit back to the people of color who produced the knowledge and spoke the experience that made that possible.

Here is another example: when you ask people of color to explain racism to you, share how they experience race, offer their opinion, you are asking for intellectual, emotional, and psychological labor.

Because it is work to explain that shit to you, relive those traumas, and think through ways of articulating it so that you may understand.  

You know how we live in a capitalist system right? You know how labor in a capitalist system is usually compensated?

You probably also know that the labor of people of color is routinely undervalued, and, where ever possible given little to no compensation. This is why we are so insistent on paying our contributing writers. We didn't make the rules of capitalism, you did. And we will survive through its demise by any means necessary.

But you expect this labor to be done for you and you expect it to be done for free. When you expect free access to our voices you are participating in the same white supremacist capitalist system that devalues the labor of people of color for your intellectual and personal benefit.

Our voices have radically changed the way you have viewed the world and how you have come to know yourselves. They have contributed greatly to your personal development, and your ability to relate to the Other. In short our stories have help you become more of a human. May we flatter ourselves and also say that THE DECOLONIZER has done this for you?      

By now you all should know that this publication isn't even for you; it is for the oppressed and disenfranchised third world peoples who seek information and validation. For you to even be apart of our readership should be considered a privilege and an honor.

THE DECOLONIZER will always be free. It is precisely for this reason that when we ask we expect you, white people, to contribute. Even if it is a dollar. Do so not out of the kindness of your heart but because it is a political obligation. You have benefited from the content in this publication for a year at no cost to you.

THE DECOLONIZER doesn't really ask. It demands. You bloodsuckers will not give nothing and continue to receive this content. We promise.

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