Keia Thompson

Never Forget To Motivate Yourself

Keia Thompson
Never Forget To Motivate Yourself

By Keia Thompson


If you know anything about white supremacy, you know it is a MAJOR source of stress. You know that it affects you and those around you in many ways and on different levels. At some point, every part of your life may be affected by this global system of oppression. Knowing that can be very depressing and you may find yourself questioning your purpose, your spirit, or why you even put yourself through it. I don't have all the answers but i can tell you this; motivation is the key to success.

The fight must be fought! So what do you do to motivate??? You encourage yourself AT ALL TIMES. You may not have someone to tell you SO TELL YOURSELF. Look in that mirror and see who you are, not who you want to be. See your self in every tense; past, present, and future. You do not come from weakness! Although most of us do come from some form of struggle whether it be financial, physical, or mental; that does not define us. Your struggle does and how you keep up the fight does! Your resiliency and your character define you. As a black woman, man, or child your character will constantly be attacked and belittled. That's why you have to know better! Know that you're powerful and that you've overcome life hurdles coming out on top and at full speed! You have to motivate yourself!!!

No one else can love you better than you. If you're looking for motivation or support, its going to have to start from within. You want to know why, you want to know your purpose? Let me be the first to tell you, WE NEED YOU. We need the greatness you can contribute! We will not just succumb and hand our lives, bodies, souls, AND CHILDREN over to oppression!! Who are YOU to just lay down and die when you're needed??

1) Take some time out for you even if its just for a day. (Try this once a week)

2) Put your phone down for at least half of that day.

3) Everyday remind yourself that you're INDESTRUCTIBLE AND GREAT (this is very important, if possible do it in the mirror)

4) When you find your mental comfort zone do not let other opinions of you take you away from that. Keep your mind focused on your future and your greatness. By any means!!

5) Dont just think about it and talk about it!! Take baby steps if you have to but BE ABOUT IT!

6) Surround yourself with like minded people or at least find ONE you can connect with.

7) Never forget to love the skin you're in. There will always be doubt in some way. Tuck that away and RE-focus that energy and BE GREAT!!