Beverley Ditsie

Theft By Any Other Name

Beverley Ditsie
Theft By Any Other Name

By Beverley Ditsie

Desiree was a friend and a colleague, until she shared and approved of this madness:

I had to respond.


Dear Desiree

I am writing this message directly to you because you're not a stranger to me. We are fb "friends" because we have spent time together, shared our stories, our pains, frustrations and joys on a very human level, and it is for this reason why I need you to know why I'm un friending you and disassociating myself from you. Your endorsement of this truly abhorrent, insulting article, where my ancestors are referred to as savages, means I can no longer in good conscience have anything to do with you.

It's not even the rewriting of history that is problematic, but the racist, supremacist language and the inherent belief that our way of life before your people arrived merits the savagery of colonisation, dehumanizations and slavery. You cannot walk into someone's home and say, that room is not being used, and the one that is being used is not being utilized properly according to me, and so I have a right to move in, take over and make my own improvements. Ultimately, that is theft. Whatever the justifications might be.

How we were living, and how we were using this land, should be of no concern to you. Some of my ancestors may have been nomads who didn't demarcate land and hold title deeds. That was the African way, where all land belongs to all its people. No we may not have been living in peace. But that was for is to deal with, without your forefathers interference, and is no justification for the theft. Our mud huts and loin cloths and our beliefs may be alien to you and your ilk, but that is because your people are alien to this land. The inherent belief that this made our way of life inferior is the core of problem here. This is the real basis of racism and a superiority mindset.

What's even worse is your endorsement of a man who proudly participated in the genocide of whole people's, murdering black people, gypsys, gay people as well as Jewish people in their millions.

And to even claim that Zimbabweans were "handed" the land? As though it didn't belong to them in the first place, is ludicrous. And what they ended up doing with their land is totally their prerogative.

The bottom line is - your criminal ancestors arrived on a continent already inhabited by people, used canons, guns and a bible and took over. That is theft.
That you can endorse this article by sharing it tells me of your inherent racist beliefs about my ancestors, and ultimately, about me. And by doing that, you have drawn a line in the sand. As sad as this is, I am glad because now I know where you stand. And should any other white "friends" hold this belief, please unfriend me. I cannot associate with you. There will be a war, and when it comes, it's good to know who is on which side.