The Brown Fist Insurrectionalists

The Brown Fist Insurrectionalists

We have seen that previous movements and some current movements have been impotent in securing, providing, and protecting the interest of the poor and the weak. The only thing they have delivered are empty promises. 

When was the last time you have seen a so called socialist, communist, African peoples socialist party, party for liberation and socialism new black panthers, black lives matter in your projects or tenements knocking on your door or at the shelters or soup kitchens or going to visit prisoners and county jails helping the poor and incarcerated? I can bet a dollar to a doughnut you haven't unless there is media attention and grants involved.  

When have you seen these many organizations truly working with the people, among the people that they claim to represent? Well I know I haven't and I have been in the projects of NYC and NYS, at many shelters when I was homeless, at the soup kitchens when I was hungry, at the unemployment and workforce centers when I was looking for jobs or any type of work to sustain myself. There was not a socialist, communist, anarchist, leftist in sight.

They were no where to be found in these places, because you know where they were at? They was holding their empty rhetorical meetings without you, and then dining and feasting afterwards and going to their comfortable homes while ignoring your pain and suffering, your struggles, but tell you they are with you. In reality they are with the state that is giving them grants that we never see and jobs that we never get. 

They will invite you to their meetings while not caring if you have carfare or transportation to get there and back, not caring if you had a meal to eat (We Have refreshments here though), a roof over your head, a job, a few dollars, a spouse, a partner, a family. In fact they could not care less about you, but they want your support, they want you to contribute to their cause, to hand out papers/fliers, to vote for them, come to their meetings, demonstrations, meetings.

They do not care about you but tell you they are the vanguard that will bring in a new society and if there is any indication of what this new society will be like just look at how they treat the poor and weak, how they treat you. Wanting your support and submission to their party, organization cause, group while giving younothing in return. How can they bring in a new society based on equality and justice when they do not even practice that in their organization?

They are simply blood suckers who prey on the poor and weak to advance their own corrupt selfish political means, giving you false hopes of a better society a better world. But if these so-called radical, leftist, and progressive parties and organizations cant and don't treat you well now what makes you think they will when and if they have power? We The Brown Fist Insurrectionist Party of America and The International Rising Phoenix Insurrectionist Party Of The Third World are here as the real party of poor, weak, marginalized and oppressed. 

First let us correct and define what type of insurrectionalism that we practice and adhere to in order to shovel away the bullshit and misconceptions, in order to inform and clarify what revolutionary leftist scientific insurectionalism is and about to quiet the pseudo socialist, communist, leftist and to crush the corrupt corporate capitalist and expose the greedy and selfish leftist for who they are and are not. For all of these parties serve in some form or fashion their imperial masters while pretending to be on the side of the poor oppressed, weak, and marginalized. 

The Five Fingers Of The Brown Fist Insurrectionist

1)    The Political Finger

2)    The Military Finger

3)    The Social Finger

4)    The Economic finger

5)    The Educational Finger