Rashaad Thomas

Body Black

Rashaad Thomas
Body Black

By Rashaad Thomas

I am imprisoned by someone
who despises me.
I look at flesh
on the walls through his
Smell un-nurtured life
through his faint
Open, the shapes of eyes
revolve around my earth. Humid
air and concrete flesh brush
against me
invisible has a voice, genderless.   

Silence is a .45-caliber Glock handgun
preaching the bible
study false prophets gunning down
multiple personalities.  Soul. untouched.

Pity offered by death.  Blind
beauty of pain spirals
monsoon crown to sole. Mind
thrown against the sun.  Burn
flesh suffocates the spirit out. Blown
corrupt frozen air glows
forms new body
Numb. Cold calcium shares
no love.
Screams burn inside out.  Never.