Rashaad Thomas

Buck Breaking

Rashaad Thomas
Buck Breaking

By Rashaad Thomas

Coincidentally ran into the coffee house rapist.  An Old orange man who smelled
bengay, stale whiskey , musty cologne
and blue uniform. 

Flashbacks suffused my vision.  Hogged
tied with handcuffs my cheek smushed into the grimy
floor near children's toys. Which doll is the bad

He took each letter  
N.I. G. G. E.R.

          six letters from hell ran
          a train six times over
          six hours

one - by -one and wrapped them around
my penis with his hand.  Certificate in a
rusty frame, "Certified Buck Breaker" stood
in the light on his one-shelf bookcase. He
moved up and down until I was unable to hold onto myself.

Then he took  

a metal rod and rammed it into my anus
rapidly, in and out. My mouth
locked.  Ilost the key to scream, pain
overcame my limbs. I could feel
the desire to runaway dry up with the summer drought.   Broken