Mani Martinez

From Below: Fighting For Unity

Mani Martinez
From Below: Fighting For Unity

By Mani Martinez

I will take your anger

and I will take your sadness

and I will take your rage

And I will fight to death

To bring out the love that is in you


My consciousness under capitalism

Has become undone

I am not a product of this misery

I am the seed of a different destiny


My heart and my bravery

Is the fire that will burn this house down

Because all the wealth that lines these walls

Has been accumulated and built by us

Those that have none


I will not let money and capitalists

Keep my people in wage slavery

For what, for what, I'm asking?



I will take your misguided hatred for me

Because I know that rejection of outsiders

Has been institutionalized and popularized

To keep us apart


I will not accept anti-blackness, xenophobia

homophobia, sexism and classism

as something that cannot be changed

Or use it as pretext to build power in silos

With people that I only feel comfortable with


I have realized the way capitalists

Have strategically built fear within us

Divisions, and antagonism

To even influence and shape

the way we build resistance


I will take your homophobic words

Behind my back as I work with you

Because I know that to fight capitalism

I have to struggle to death

To humanize myself in your eyes

To wrestle your mind and your heart

From the distrust and disgust

Capitalism's incestuous institutions

Have deposited in you


Religion has been used to justify

The dehumanization and enslavement

Of colonized people all over the world

It has been used to justify and naturalize

Within the minds of colonized peoples

A hatred for non-heterosexual people

And a warped sense of paternalism

towards women under the pretext

of protecting them

but in reality making them objects

To control, criticize and wear out


I will take your blows and your punches

And will be principled

I will show you

What unity against capitalism looks like


I don't do this for you to love me

And protect me, to be there for me

Or accept me or give me a clap

I do this to show you what is necessary

To lift the veil that has placed you under a lie

That has told you that you are alone

That you shouldn't unite with me

Because we are different


Us poor people,

black brown or white

Straight or queer

We have been taught that we are each other's enemy

That we are each other's problem and abuser

But who is invested in running and producing

This ideology, who benefits?