Jia Justice

Colored People Time Is Resistance

Jia Justice
Colored People Time Is Resistance

Colored People Time is resistance.

CPT is self care.

CPT is intuition; tapping into inner wisdom.

CPT is survival.

CPT is anti-colonial.

CPT is I had 5 responsibilities that day and I still showed up.

CPT is it took 2 hours by transportation to get to you but I came through.

CPT is I have socio-economic hardship, It makes it difficult to get here; systemic discrimination affects me daily

CPT is I have a disability and I needed to take my time to get here.

CPT is I showed up to show maaaaad love even when I'm battling Depression and Anxiety.

CPT is I took a shower, ate, took the time to look and feel my best self ; I can be fully present and mentally sound.

CPT is I lost track of time.

CPT is I am fatigued.

Let us be gentle with each other. STFU about CPT. Thank you.


Your loving friend,