Joel Salcido


Joel Salcido

born anchored Brown on a red blue and White background
demanding tio Karlos' Marxist dish of FREE joles
birth right apple PI three-point- one-four acres, and a burro
afterlifetime supply of tortillas and fortune empanadas stuffed with Papeles,
demanding a spaceship shaped like a sombrero
fueled up to emigrate to Mexico and crash land on Tenochtitlan,
a marijuana zarape star spangled banner,
the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo sliced like Zig-Zags,
demanding a resurrected Jesus backed by mariachi,
Eucharist of pan dulce, and a thirty minute grace period for the Rapture,
demanding Papa Pancho canonize 43 new saints and beatify
every soul lost on the Frontera,
leap year summer long siestas for all landscapers
paid to let the grass grow like Whitman's barba,
A huelga in all restaurant kitchens until every chef is fluent in Spanish,
overtime back pay for every limpieza who could clean everything except dirty looks,
demanding the border patrol be armed with super soakers filled with tequila,
convert ICE into an open tab cantina,
build pools for every twenty mile stretch of the Sonoran desert,
use the migra as a public shuttle service,
put free chalupa ferry's on the rio Grande
drape a towel on wet backs like capes
greet each arriving immigrant with cumbias,
and dance them back Aztlan.