The Decolonizer
The Decolonizer

THE DECOLONIZER is the stomping of feet.

A hoodie, a Black beret, a bandana.

A mask we put over our faces so that we

may have a face.

So that our oppressors may see us fully.

When we speak

It is like a good wind

strong enough to knock down a wall in Gaza.

It is like water and thunder between our thighs.

It is like the sound of every third world

peoples opening there mouths at once.

Against colonization

THE DECOLONIZER is every weapon

we have ever had. 

It is every dream.

It is every pair of shoes

We have walked in, leaped in, marched in.

THE DECOLONIZER is every "no"

you have murmured under your breath.

A thousand refusals to die

without fighting

roses growing from our rib cages.

When the dust settles

And when freedom rests in our jaw

lives in our hearts

They will finally know

the sound of our voices.